Technological Innovations

Technological Innovations

Information technology has been a part of our lives for as long as any of us can remember.  In fact, we could pretty much say that we came into the world and found it.  Dr. Thornburg (Laureate Education, 2008) takes a look back at information technology from the invention of the blackboard, recapping several devices from which we have evolved.  However, even he could only go back a certain amount of time to stress his point about the magnitude of the impact that information technology has had on our lives.

One of the greatest impact as stated by Crosbie (2010) “. . . within the span of a single human generation, people’s access to information has shifted from relative scarcity to surplus, even surfeit.”  The insurmountable amount of information that is available to us poses the problem of deciding what is relevant to the question that we are trying to answer.

Many times while doing research, I’ve found articles and information that I thought was what I needed to answer my questions.  Well, as one article led me to another and yet another, I found that I could go on for hours this way.  At one time, I was even directed to an area of the Internet, The Deep Web, that I had no idea existed.  In turn this area led me to many more articles and so much more information.

I think a lesson here that can be learned from this period of information technology is that there will always be new technological tools evolving and more information available.  However, as Badke (2010) stated, “ As important as it is to have content, the process within which the content operates is really the essential tool of the expert.”


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